How do you empty the trash in file manager?

OS type and version CentOS 8
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17
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I deleted some files but the safe option is on, so the files went to the trash, and were not completely removed. I have no idea where the trash is, or how to empty it. It’s seems like it should be so simple, but where is this thing?

My system is locked up right now and I can’t do anything because the hard disk is full, and I need to empty the trash to clear up this issue.

can you shell on? Use shell commands like du df and to rm to clear the files.

I found it finally, pic attached.

don’t exist on my server

First of all, you should upgrade Webmin to the latest version 1.999-2, which includes fixed version of Authentic Theme that supports purging trash folder.

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