How do you create nameserver in virtualmin vps hosting?

I have installed virtualmin in my vps server. Now I need to create nameserver for my domain. I was wondering how do I do that?

Webmin -> Servers -> Bind DNS Configuration

Set them up under “nameservers”.

I’m trying to do the same thing. When I go to Webmin->Servers->Bind DNS Configuration I’m not finding “Bind DNS Configuration” as an option.

When I go to the Un-used Modules I find BIND DNS Server shown there. When I select “Apply Configuration” from the “BIND DNS Server” configuration page it doesn’t cause BIND to be added to the Webmin -> Servers list.

Why can’t I find the “BIND DNS Configuration” selection as shown above?

At the very bottom of the left-hand navigation bar in Webmin, there’s an option called “Refresh modules”. If you click that, does that move BIND DNS Server to the active modules list?


That did bring the BIND DNS Server module into my Servers list. Thank you.