How do the domains work?


I am new and couldn’t find any help about this. I have my domain ( at Strato. I created a virtual server on Virtualmin, but I can create subdomains with it. I create an A record on Strato to the IP of my server. How can I link my Strato domain to my server and having the ability to create subdomains from Virtualmin?

Sander Jochems


Since you are using Strato which I assume is your Domain provider, for each sub-domain you want to host with Virtualmin you’d setup the domain in Virtualmin, then setup the A record for that sub-domain pointing it to the IP of the server.

Alternatively, you can setup Virtualmin to host DNS, and once you’ve setup the appropriate glue records with Strato, you’d point your domain to your newly created glue records ( and, then Virtualmin would handle everything else when it comes to setting up sub-domains for this domain.

From what it sounds like, the former solution might be your better options for the moment. While it’ll require a few extra steps for each sub-domain, it still might be simpler for the moment.

If you’d like to discuss things further, please feel free to reach out to me by email. (I’m not always on Skype these days, so email me if you want an quicker response)