How do I work on a website without it being live?

I am trying to display a under construction page on the main DNS and still save my work and continue working on it in the background. Once I am finished I want to obviously display my changes. But during the process the client does not want the website to be seen. Rather a under construction page instead.

How do I accomplish this?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
Thank You

so if the website that is being made is index.php then you can make the "Under construction" a index.html
Apache will normally always look for html then htm then php

The new website reside in the public_html folder while the index.html is being served to visitors. Unless they type in but why would they?

You can also create a folder and protect this with a password.
You can also create the website on your home pc and upload when finished
You can create a and work in there

Per haps others have better ideas…

In addition to Ronald’s suggestions, I use a ‘spare’ domain that I use only for development, and it just uses an htaccess using a password.

Steve’s onto something. :wink:

The best practice is pretty much always to have a devel domain and a production domain. The devel domain could be a sub-server owned by the same account, which means ownership and permissions can remain identical across the two instances. We do this for our devel domains.

ronald wrote:

You can create a and work in there

that’s how i do it. to make a sub-server…