How do I stop Letsenrypt sending emails

OS type and version Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Related packages LetsEncrypt

suddenly one of my collegue reporting me that he is been receiving emails from Virtualmin LetsEncrypt for the failed SSL renewals for all the domains, I do not remember whether its configured or not.
Where do I check the configurations ?
Moreover I m not using LetsEncrypt I am using purchased SSL only.
How come this is started happening now ?


If your colleague is receiving mail from Virtualmin then his email address as been specified as the owner of one or more virtual servers in Virtualmin → Edit Virtual Server Configurable Settings Contact Email.

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Maybe an update inadvertently turned it on. Or, your client was in mucking around?

Virtualmin apparently doesn’t know that. You should probably tell it to not try to renew Let’s Encrypt certs for the domains that have some other certificate in Manage Virtual Server-> Setup SSL Certificate.

How do I configure it to not to renew ?
I am getting following warning on the Setup SSL Certificate page current certificate section
" * SSL CA cert for Sectigo Limited/Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA does not match the issuer of the SSL cert Let’s Encrypt/R3 "
But still the Let’s Encrypt Certificate section shows it tried to renew the certificate few minutes back from now.

Virtualmin > manage virtual server > setup ssl certificate

I am not able to save after selecting No, how do I save ? If I select No and select any of the two options mentioned there I am getting errors.

You want to tell us what those errors are or should we just guess?

Got the error only for the disabled domains and thats Ok, but we do have a lots of virtual servers and disabling lets encrypt to each domains taking time, do we have any command to disable this for all the domains at once ?

Ok, you disable a virtual server but Virtualmin keeps trying to renew the SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt. This is not ideal. Virtualmin should cease the renewal attempt of SSL certificates for domains of those virtual servers which have been disabled.

Can this behaviour be confirmed? If so, #FeatureRequest please.

No, disabled domains not trying to renew.
Here are my qustions:

  1. Can we completely disable this letsencrypt feature from the virtualmin ? because I am using the purchased custom SSL for all the servers and I can manually update them whenever required.
  2. My server sending renewal notifications emails to the clients, I am not sure where its configured, and I have seen some SMTP configuration on Webmin Configuration–>Sending Email page and I have removed them, Not sure this is responsible for sending emails, can you guide me to find out where are the configurations located ?

Thanks for clearing that up. I have been unable to understand the issue and my earlier comments are not pertinent. Sorry about that.

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