How do I set up NOTIFY to external DNS servers?

probably a noob question: How do I set to notify external DNS servers which dont run webmin.
I have an IP from my domain provider (INWX) to send NOTIFYs to, but Im not really sure where I do have to put that in order to get the external dns servers notified about changes in the zone. Should be either “Other DNS servers” or “Forwarding and Transfers” but Im not really sure which one to use.
My plan is to use the internal bind server as a hidden primary dns.

Every help is appreciated. thanks.

You need to configure each zone to notify the slave (presumably the slave is setup and you know transfers are working). If you can’t run Webmin on the slaves, that can’t be setup automatically…and each time you create a new zone on the Virtualmin server, you’ll need to manually create the slaves.

The setup notify: Webmin->Servers->BIND DNS Server->zone-name->Zone Options

On that page you can list the servers that are allowed to transfer the zone, configure notification options (“Also notify slaves” field, in particular), etc.

The Webmin BIND module has good documentation:

And, we have a guide for setting up slaves, but, it assumes Webmin on the slaves, so it can automate zone creation.

Oh, wait, actually you can also configure Zone Defaults at the BIND level to automatically setup notify options, etc.

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