How do I reset my wordpress password via virtuamin webmin database

Hi there
please I need my password for wordpress restet.

The default methods via email is not working.
Usually with cpanel I could do this via php admin

I just need to be able to access my db and change the password
I have been able to access the db but cannot change the password

Please help

You can’t change the password directly in the db, it hashed ad salted.

What you can do is install wp-cli and call wp user update but that’s outside the scope of this forum. If you google it you will surely find a tutorial on how to do that.

I will disagree, it CAN be done.

Open your WP database in phpmyadmin.
left column, wp_users
Admin username, click Modify
Third line, user_pass
Right-side column, type your chosen pwd in plain text
middle column, dropdown, choose “MD5”

Done :slight_smile:

Cool! I didn’t think that would work.
I now see that there’s also a way to apply new password via theme functions: wp_set_password( ‘password’, 1 );

i think that this was resolved for him in this