How do I reset my wordpress password via virtuamin webmin database

Hi there
please I need my password for wordpress restet.

The default methods via email is not working.
Usually with cpanel I could do this via php admin

I just need to be able to access my db and change the password
I have been able to access the db but cannot change the password

Please help

Is there any reason why you could not use phpMyAdmin now? Wordpress have nice info on how you can reset admin password:, you just need to pick what solution you want to apply.

Thanks this does not help
I am locked out of my account and need to reset.
With cpanel all I had to do was to use php admin
I need to be able to reset my Wordpress password via virtualmin or Wordpress db.

I do not have access to my Wordpress dashboard and forget password is not working

You can use phpMyAdmin with Virtualmin, is there any reason why you cant use it?

Virtualmin -> Virtual server/domain -> Install scripts -> Install phpMyAdmin

The person I paid to install move my site from cpanel to virtualmin did not use it.
Anyway thanks for the information. I was reluctant to use the emergency php script but that did the trick.

I really prefer working directly in the db as I can see what I am doing.