How do I move this sub-server properly?

Suppose I have 2 web servers:

Web Server I (WS1)

  • Virtual server:
  • Sub-server:

Web Server II (WS2)

  • Virtual server:
  • Sub-server: -

What is the best way to move the sub-server:, from WS1 to WS2, and make it exist as a sub-server of

When I use the restore option on WS2, I get this error:

This backup cannot be restored due to the following errors : Original parent virtual server does not exist


Since it’s a sub-server that is underneath – you would first need to restore on your second web server.

Once you do that, if you want to move it to a new parent, you can do so using Server Configuration -> Move Virtual Server.


Thank you for the help, Eric.

I tried it just now and I am getting stuck:

... Re-creating virtual server .. .. a clash was detected : A unix user named mememe already exists - try selecting a different administration username

Both web servers have only 1 regular linux user: mememe (500).

How do I “try selecting a different administration username”?

when creating your virtual server (restoring the backup) can you choose the owner of the server?