How do I make a clean uninstall of Virtualmin?

Hey how do I make a clean uninstallation of Virtualmin? I recently had an sql problem(111) it’s just driving me nuts and now the website is down for about a week now. With no solution in place how do I uninstall virtualmin and reinstall it back later? thx

Usually control panels require a complete server rebuild from scratch…especially when there is something wrong with the underlying O/S or LAMP configuration.

Even though Virtualmin might be able to be used to create and also fix your problems, is not necessarily virtualmin that is causing your problems…hence my above statement.

If you search the Virtualmin docs you will find how to remove it.


Uninstalling Virtualmin wouldn’t be the same as a clean install… you’d still likely have that same SQL issue when it’s done.

That said, if you want to try it anyways, you can find information on removing Virtualmin here:

If that doesn’t help, you may want to consider doing a fresh install.