How do I install Ghost with Virtualmin? What are the steps?

How do I install Ghost with Virtualmin, after creating a virtual server?

What are the steps?

I’m using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64bit with Nginx

I’ve viewed


but I’m not sure why some of the steps are there so I don’t know if I should do them.

If another virtual server was created with a different domain name, would the same steps apply?


Well, I don’t see Ghost installation instructions on their site, those may just be in the archive that’s available for download. However, that’s what you’d want to look for – installation instructions. And you’d want to install it into the public_html folder for your Virtual Server.

If you had other Virtual Servers that you wanted to use it on, you’d also want to install it into the public_html folders of those domains as well.


I found this:

instead of /var/www/ghost/ I put it in /home/somename/public_html/ghost/

After I:

sudo adduser --shell /bin/bash --gecos ‘Ghost application’ ghost

sudo chown -R ghost:ghost /home/somename/public_html/ghost/

and switch user via “su - ghost” it kicks me out of /home/somename/public_html/ghost/ so I can’t cd to it.

I made a comment there about it and they said it does not have permissions and to install it /var/www/ghost/. If I do that I won’t be able to change something in a theme on one domain without it effecting another domain.

It will run if a “npm start --production” in /home/somename/public_html/ghost/ but I have to be the root user. I assume there is a reason to have the new ghost user and to run it with the ghost user? I just don’t know what permissions I should have to do so?


Well, I’m unfortunately not familiar with setting up Ghost, so I’m not sure what all is necessary to get that to work.

However, one thought that comes to mind, could you run npm as the Virtual Server owner, rather than a separate user? Then it would have permission to access all the data belonging to that domain.


as an installable VMPro app, but I had trouble too



Have you read the instructions at:

Looks like it relies on node.js so make sure you have that installed.

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Ghost script is now part of Virtualmin Pro installer.