How do I install Cloudmin over existing Virtualmin installation?

I have a server with Virtualmin & Webmin installed and I presently am hosting multiple domains. Is there a way to install Cloudmin without losing data ?

From a Google search I found a topic that was dated 2009, but it wasn’t pretty helpful. I was in the vague regarding installing the new Kernel that is needed for Cloudmin.


Which distro/version is it that you’re using there?

If you’re looking to use KVM (which I’d probably recommend), you shouldn’t have to do anything unusual with the kernel if you’re using a recent distribution, and you can also just perform the Cloudmin install on your existing server.

Performing the install will simply add an additional Cloudmin tab, alongside Webmin and Virtualmin.

Of course, even so, it’s certainly a good opportunity to make sure that you have Virtualmin backups of all your domains. It also doesn’t hurt to have a backup of /etc.


I’m running Debian Jessie. So I just have to run the installer for KVM and it’ll install everything needed?

Thanks a lot !

Yeah Cloudmin doesn’t actually require many non-standard dependencies. So it’ll pull in the few it needs, install the Cloudmin module within Webmin, and then that’s it!