How do I get and .org sites to work?


All my .com domain sites work perfectly, including subservers.

However, I’m unable to get the and .org sites to work.

They appear in Virtualmin Website Preview OK,
But always show up as “This webpage is not available” DNS lookup failed, when searching for the domains.
So I know it’s a DNS issue.

Where do I go to fix this?

Did you setup glue records with your registrar?

Hi Joe
The and .org sites are quite a few years old, and have worked with cpanel using two different service providers in that time.

I guessing its a DNS error somewhere in my configuration. (Standard setup from Virtualmin)

I can get my sites to work using Cloudflare DNS.

P.S. All my .com sites work perfect Out of The Box and So Do the Subdomains. Its only the ,com,au and ,org sites that don’t play fair.

Operating system CentOS Linux 7.0.1406

Webmin version 1.720

Virtualmin version 4.12.gpl GPL

CPU Count: 2

Real memory 3.70 GB total, 2.17 GB used

Virtual memory 2 GB

Running processes 198


From Virtualmin’s point of view, all the domains you mentioned above should be the same. It doesn’t treat a .com domain differently than a domain.

It’s possible you’re seeing a nameserver issue – perhaps the nameserver setup for the working domain is different than that of the non-working one?

You could try something like to get a DNS report, and see if it detects any problems.

Also, if you let us know your domain name that isn’t working, we could run some tests of our own to see if the issue stands out. You can always remove the domains from the Forums later, once things are working.

-Eric report

Using Virtualmin
Can’t get nameservers at parent server!
I only check domains not subdomains!

When using Cloudflare DNS … All records are showing correctly, and the site and email is working correctly.