How do I create subdomains..?

Do I need to manually create a subdomain by editing http.conf and dns files to made subdomains… ?

But I would think that I can give a way to have a user or even root admin to make subdomains by the control panel.

So I know I can add a CNAME for from the "Services --> DNS Domains " …

But is there a easy way to add the Apache part ? – > Configure Website --> Aliases and Redirects …
But with out some information about how that page works I hate to just play to find out…


You don’t need to manually edit anything; just choose to create a new Virtual Server, or Sub-Server, and enter the name of the sub-domain you’d like to use.

Virtualmin will handle creating the Apache and BIND records for you.


Does not a sub-server created spam filtering/stats/login/log/mail/ftp/mailman ect…

just when she needs to go to I not trying to set up a new server…


Whenever you are in the Create Sub-Server screen, you can choose what features to enable.

If you don’t want any of the goodies you mentioned, no problem, you can just uncheck those features in the “Enabled features” section of that screen.


This creates a brand new (sub) server going to /home//domains//public_hmtl what he (and i) need is sub-server.topserver.tld beeing served from /home//public_html/>sub-server>
is that possible?

Thanks a lot!

Previous version of Virtualmin has supported Sub Domain, but they drop it and support Sub-Server instead. I have explain in details and hope Virtualmin bring back Sub Domain feature again, see:

yes. just create a virtual server and name it