How do I create a host, not a subdomain?

Hi all,

using the latest Virtualmin Pro, how do I create a host for domain? Say, is working and all right, how do I create a web site under, without getting and all other stuff that comes with a complete subdomain?

In the end I just want another A record in my existing domain and an Apache configuration for it. Saying that, I’d like to use quite some of the Virtualmin features with that host: Install scripts on it, create a subversion repository… you name it.

Do I do that manually?



Well, if you want to setup an alias, you could make it so that goes to

You can do that by going into Services -> DNS Domain, go into Name Alias, and add in a record that makes "" as an alias for "".

But it sounds like you’re asking for how to setup an entire website and such.

And to do that, you’d probably just want to create a new Sub-Server.

If you don’t want all the DNS entries that you get with a typical Sub-Server, when you might consider doing is creating a new Server Template, and slimming it down a bit.

For example, you could specify exactly what DNS records should be created, what mail aliases (if any) you want, and so forth.


I’m fine with creating a “smaller” template for sub-servers, in fact that’s a good idea I haven’t thought of yet.

However, using such a template I can’t prevent my sub-server to be registered as it’s own primary zone in DNS. What I want is an A record in the parent zone, but it seems as if I can’t do that using templates. Or, can I?

BTW: It’s so important to add an entry to the parent zone and not create a new primary zone, because I use separate secondary servers that don’t accept the subzone.



Never mind, I found that I can switch off DNS completely when creating sub-servers, so it eventually boils down to manually create an A record in the parent zone. I’ve created a support ticket suggesting that Virtualmin would do that automatically, but it’s surely not too important anymore.

in the servers template under BIND dns domain you can add the subserver to the parent hostfile

Add sub-domain DNS records to parent domain? No From default settings Yes

is that what you are after?