How do I configure name servers?

I’ve been messing up with Webmin and Virtualmin and I cannot understand how can I configure my name servers on my VPS and I have only 1 IP address
Please use the following details as an example:

hostname: synef


ip address:

domain 1:

domain 2:

os: Ubuntu 16.04 with latest updates (for now I’ll stick to 16.04 and refrain to updating to 18.04 because I encounter other problems, my VPS provider is outdated, I get the VPS for free)

After getting the latest updates on my OS, I install Virtualmin, I can log to my web panel fine by visiting the

I did the setup and I have messed it up, I added a simple webpage with a hello world on it.
If I type I can see the webpage but the same happens if I visit
Also I can visit and access virtualmin control panel as well

Should’t they point to different websites?

I have already configured my Domain Registrar which point to

How can I configure my dns correctly? I’m very confused.

After installing virtualmin and configuring it, have you created a virtualmin>virtual server for

Also, is bind dns configured and running?

You can check dns propogation of additional domains on your virtualmin system using

Btw, you don’t necessarily need to even run your own name servers…you can just go to your domain registrar and insert/point A records for each domain at the hosting server public ipaddress and any websites on the server will come online (I do it this way with all my websites on my server).