how do i clone a debian VM guest with pre-installed webmin/virtual server?

im running a a virtual server on a VBox debian guest/windows host. I want an identical clone with a different IP address. cloning the guest (in VBox) is the easy part. now i need to change the ip address of the clone and all references in the virtual server. retracing my steps…

  1. change the IP address of the clone under Webmin->Networking->Network Interfaces->eth1->{change here}
  2. check the above with ifconfig. all looks ok.
  3. next i change the entry {Virtualmin->Addresses and networking->SharedIPAddresses->Shared IP addresses for any servers} to the new IP address set in 1 above.
  4. webmin complains that its in use by my virtual server.
  5. i change {Virtualmin->Server Configuration->Change IP Address->New IPV4 address to
  6. check browser for virtual server access. the link is broken.
  7. i repeat 3, which now works as its not attached to my virtual server.
  8. i repeat 5 this time changing to my new eth1 IP address. this now works ok.
  9. i repeat 6. the link remains broken.

while this seems simple and obvious i.e: change ip address of (VM guest) server, change ip address of virtual server on VM guest, its not working

QUESTION: how can i easily clone a VM guest and then update both its IP address and the IP addresses of any existing virtual servers to create an identical clone with a different IP address?

update: i cant see anyway to list all of my older posts. is this possible?



my new clone ip address is

$ttl 38400
@ IN SOA (
38400 ) IN NS IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN A IN MX 5 IN TXT “v=spf1 a mx ip4: ?all”