How do I change or add a USER access to a file or directory ?.

How do I change or add a USER access to a file or directory ?.

You see I made a copy of my forum directory before I made changes and I made this copy using WebMin (logged in as root)

Now if I copy that directory back up, back to its place ( ie restore it ) I will not be able to make changes to it with my ftp client (logged in as guru45 ).

In the future I will go into Webmin as guru45, but since I have already made the back up as root, and need to use it, I need to know how to add a user (guru45 in this case) to a directory - so that both root and guru45 can use it.

Can I do that with virtualMin/Webmin or do I need to use some other tool?
Can you tell me how I do that ?

I did’t have Java installed, so I couldn’t see how to do that in the Virtualmin file manager… using the command line though, you could use the “chown” command to change the ownership or a file or directory.

You seem to be having a bugger of a time with the ownership of that forum software though, so I went and installed Java so I could figure out how to change the ownership of that directory from within Virtualmin :slight_smile:

So, using the Virtualmin file manager, if you browse to your forum directory, click the forum directory name, then choose the “Info” button in the file manager.

Under where it says “Ownership”, change the user and group to be the correct user and group name for your Virtual Server.

Then, where it says “Apply changes to”, select “this directory and all subdirectories” to change the ownership for everything underneath your forum directory.


Thanks for taking the time to Install the File Manager.

To me it is easiest to use because I don’t know all the server commands

Yes I am having a a bugger of a time with this forum.

It should be pretty straight forward but the mod that I want
doesn’t seem to be playing ball and what with these user ownership,
permissions and stuff it has taken me a couple of weeks - to do what
can be done in about 30 minutes if it all works properly :frowning:

Anyway - I looked at the info and it is set up as user guru45 even though
I copied it over using “root” in File Manager.

So there should be no problem. I am going to roll back to the working
version I had and try for the 4th time to install this mod.

In the time I’ve waited I could have easily modified the code myself to do
what I want !

Anyway, thanks again. :slight_smile: