How do i cancel my subscription

Hi ,
There is no way to Cancel subscription . No way to reach to you guys . Please cancel my subscription and refund my money ASAP.
Please note to delete my card details from your system complete. once done please confirm me as well .

Thanks .

Of course there is, on all counts. You can always cancel your subscription on the “My Account” page under Subscriptions. If it’s within 30 days of purchase, we’ll be happy to issue a refund (this is currently a manual process, so you have to ping us about it, normally that’d be via the normal support process of sending a PM to @staff here in the forums–you can find a link to do that by clicking “Support” on But, I can take care of that for you, no need to send another message.

You can also manage your credit cards on file on the My Account page under Payment Methods.

Actually, I can’t find any currently active orders under your account. You have a subscription in the old system, but that will not renew (all subscriptions in the old billing system will expire, as they weren’t brought over to the new), and you’re on the eighth month of an annual subscription, so a refund is no longer available. (We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, both in the old terms of service and the new.)

Please cancel my subscription and delete all my Card reference and confirm me . Thanks .

Okay got you . But can you confirm this -
Please cancel my subscription and delete all my Card reference and confirm me . Thanks

I’ve deleted your card. Your license will expire as scheduled on January 11th of 2022, and you will not be billed again.

Perfect . Thanks!
Is there any way you confirm me by sending me an email please for future reference ?

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