How do I block someone else's domain pointing to my Apache hosted website?

I am running my website in Linux VPS with dedicated IP few weeks ago I found someone else domain is pointing to my website whatever i do this my website other fake website immediately pics up automatically. whenever i stop my server the fake or duplicate website also stops (hosted with cloudflare) this is really strange and i don’t know what is happening

please guys kindly help me out here

Using Debian on my VPS with virtualmin

thank you

You can’t really (after all, your site is freely accessible on the Internet…), but you can take some action. There’s lots of ways, and it depends on how they are doing it. The easiest thing I can do is point you at Google.

@anthonyinit2012 you can check ip of fake website which is proxying your real one and then on your server you can add ip to htaccess to deny access - this is very simple solution, fake site should then display 403 error. Or you can redirect that fake website ip to somewhere else like another website or even localhost ip…

please give me the correct code that i can put in my .htaccess file

Why are they doing it? Are they injecting ads or something? I can’t think of why someone would go to the trouble to mirror your site (or proxy it, I guess, since it goes down when yours does).

I have no idea all my content comes up on his/her site with their domain name. i found out another two domain is doing the same this now total # of domain are 3 who are pointing to my site content…

google already dropped my website and ranked other fake site on top :frowning:

you can put offensive ip into your htaccess like this:

Require all granted Require not ip # replace this IP with the IP you would like to block it

You can found more info here:

EDIT: you may use older style of blocking ip… (from apache 2.2) it should still works… if not use example from above.

Old style of blocking IPs to access your server:

order allow,deny deny from # IP example1 - replace the IP with offensive IP deny from # IP example2 - replace the IP with offensive IP and so on... allow from all

blocking ip didn’t help website still online… :frowning:

What things have you tried? Did you read the link I posted? Do you understand that if anyone can read your website, they can scrape it for content?