how do I add an alias to my main domain name?

How do I add an alias to my main domain name?
I followed this, but step2 doesn’t exist?

On my Virtualmin server, I am running
I would like to add so I can view the littleWebSite as


You can add an alias by going into Create Virtual Server -> Alias Server.

There, just enter the name of the domain name you wish to use as an alias.


Thank you.
I navigated to Virtualmin > Create Virtual Server > the standard fields for creating a real server were there.
So, considering the Create Virtual Server had no Alias Server option and was the same as creating a virtual server:
I already have already on Virtualmin.
So, how do I make link and load
I have a link on the that says, so that when is clicked, it will open on a new page. will load from Virtualmin, as does not have a registered domain…so really the link will be to something like littleWebSite.


There should always be an “alias” option in the “Create Virtual Server” screen, it shows up on the top, next to the text “New virtual server type”.

If you’re looking to add an alias still, meaning this site would load the same website as the top-level Virtual Server, ny suggestion would be to delete the existing domain, and then re-create it as an alias.

If you’re having trouble finding the alias option, take a screenshot of your Create Virtual Server page and post that here, we can help you find how to set that up.

If it should load a different page, you wouldn’t need an alias then, you could create it as a new Virtual Server, and give it a unique website.

Does that answer your question?


Okay, that worked.
I have been looking for instructions on how to upload to the new’s Alias Server.
/home/bigwebsite/public_html/index.html is for
I need to see
I found, but nothing about the path to upload the website alias’ file to?

I guess noone knows how to setup the little website on this Virtualmin alias thingy?
Seems like cPanel is more user friendly.
Does anyone know of a clear path to navigate to, for uploading the little website to the new alias?

So, I uploaded the entire littlewebsite (which works on the old domain) to /home/bigwebsite/public_html/littlewebsite.

There is an index.html file in /home/bigwebsite/public_html/littlewebsite/index.html.

Any documentation on Virtualmin for this?

Is Virtualmin broken again?
I would have expected the domain alias to be /home/bigwebsite/public_html/littlewebsite, but there’s no such directory?
Any assistance on how to upload litttlewebsite to the domain alias in bigwebsite?


The suggestion I offered when you asked in IRC a few days ago was to make two Virtual Servers, one called “”, the other “”.

In the public_html folder for, make a directory named “littlewebsite”. You can upload your website there.

Then, setup to redirect to

You can do that using a .htaccess file in /home/USERNAME/domains/, or, you can use Virtualmin to create a redirect for you. You can do that by logging into Virtualmin, selecting in the dropdown list, and then going into Server Configuration -> Website Redirects.


Yes, you mentioned that, however that seems to not be a domain alias.
So, do I not need a domain alias and should delete it?
What’s the purpose of having a domain alias then?
Wouldn’t the domain alias allow littlewebsite to be in

I don’t understand why I was suggested to use a domain alias, but now to setup 2 virtual servers and forward little website to

Hi eiger3970,

I don’t think you should use “alias” for the setup you are looking for, a alias domain is exactly what it says, it’s just a alias of the main domain. I think you should go with what andreychek suggested, I also would go that direction to accomplish what you are looking for.

Best regards,

Yes, I am now trying what andreychek suggested, however:
I can’t make the Virtualmin domain alias thingy work. works on it’s own virtualserver, but putting littlewebsite in bigwebsite/public_html/littlewebsite or in bigwebsite/public_html loads a blank page?

Ok, I fixed it finally.
Don’t need any domain alias or 2nd virtual server.
I moved littlewebsite to bigwebsite/public_html/littlewebsite and set permissions.
Changed link on from to

Thanks for those who helped.