How change owner:Group to always be www-data in the default template

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Webmin version latest
Virtualmin version Latest
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Where can I change the default template to always create www-data:www-data as user:group for all virtual domains



You shouldn’t do that.

Furthering Joe’s comment why would you want to do that ?

Well I did not ask for opinions or give any reason, just asked for a way, so I close the post. But I have 1 website with 2 subdomains on the vps and because they work together it make life so much easier with the same owner and group. But I have sorted it out so…

for anyone coming across this problem
set the subdomains up as sub servers … they then have the same user and group

Dear in need solution of cron job kindly guide me
/usr/bin/php83 -f /home/sites/32a/3/3c6e9ecf4b/public_html/cronjob_delete_files.php

i put this command. kindly correct it

@nisar7631 this is off-topic for this thread. Please make your own topic for your problems.

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