how can i set default dns records, "smtp" and "pop"

Virtualmin 1.556
installed from interface address is private, and NAT env.
checked “Automatically detect external address” : (Virtualmin>SystemSetting>>NetworkingSetting>>Default IP address for DNS records)

how can i set default dns records, “smtp” and “pop” EXTERNAL_ip A record.

set “BIND DNS records for new domains” : (Vritualmin>ServerTemplate>>DefaultSetting>>DNS)
smtp IN A ${IP}
pop IN A ${IP}

result: ip = private

how can i set external_ip??



Try the variable “DNS_IP”, and see if that does the trick for you.



Solved this matter.
Thank you so much to tell me the trick.


Thanx a lot.

I think the documentation badly needs a really complete list of those variables, or at least a link to some file where they’re all listed. This useful one here e.g. is missing in the documentation.

Yeah, the docs do have a lack of variables… I didn’t know that variable off the top of my head or anything, I had to go digging for it… if you look at /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/DOMAIN_ID, all the parameters in the various “DOMAIN_ID” files there can be used as variables.


Right, now I recall. I vaguely remembered that the variables could be extracted from some “component” of Virtualmin, but I couldn’t remember what it was. I was already grepping the source files for some keywords like “webalizer”, hoping that there was some kind of “keyword switching” statement in the code. :slight_smile:

I reiterate… The information where to find these variable names BADLY needs to go in the documentation. Because I’m fairly sure that when I need them again in three weeks, I’ll have forgotten both the domain files and this forum post. :wink: