How can I restore the visual CRON application that showed all CRON jobs in a table


I don’t know when this happened, but it has been over at least a few months now.

Basically I was hacked (I think Shellshock) and after that I removed BASH as the default and used DASH, removed many CGI directives, moved my SSH folders and config to another location (as the hacker had managed to overwrite my SSH config with a script that used WGET to load in another scipt hidden behind another website that loaded in library of functions for hacking (DDOS, SQL/XSS etc)).

However once I got everything working again I noticed my Scheduled CRON JOBS menu option under WebMin just shows the message “The command crontab for managing user Cron configurations was not found. Maybe Cron is not installed on this system?”

However I know CRON is still installed and working as
a) All my previous and existingh CRON jobs that I had set up are still running.
b) If I go to a WordPress plugin / function that checks for CRON and shows a CRON command to show it works (including my own plugins that do this) - they provide me with CRON commands to use.
c) I can set a CRON job up in the console - although I don’t really like doing this at it’s a pain and not easy to see which jobs I have enabled/disabled.

How can I get this visual CRON managet tool in WebMin to load up and work again?

Do I need to re-install it and if so how?

I am a Windows BOD by trade so LINUX doesn’t come naturally to me - e.g I hate using the console to do things that are much easier to do visually and hate programmes like VI etc.

So I know the CRON jobs are still running but I just cannot see the application in WebMin to manage them.

Could someone give me the commands I need to sort this out please.

I am on a VPS, Debian (LENNY - I know old!) but I just haven’t had the time to upgrade and I didn’t think only a few years after joining my hosting company I would need to anyway.

However any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Someone must know how to either debug, fix or resolve this.

Where are all the gurus on this site :slight_smile:



If no-one can help me on this site can they at least tell me somone at VMIN to contact or how to contact them to resolve this.