How can I increase the memory seen in Virtualmin 3.78?

Hello guys,

I am now the administrator for a freebsd hosting server running virtualmin 3.78. The system was originally allocated with 2GB of ram running on a VMware vsphere. I’ve recently increased the memory allocation for this server to 4GB but virtualmin still detects the system as only having 2GB still. Is there a place within virtualmin where I can refresh it and tell it to look for the additional ram or is this something that is hardset when the system is initially installed?

Please let me know, thanks.


Virtualmin should show all the RAM you have available… if you run the command “free -m”, what output do you see? Is it showing all 4GB of RAM?


thanks for your reply from the virtualmin command shell it says “free: command not found” is there another place I should be running that command at?