How can I get a trial version of Virtualmin Pro

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hello please I want to test the system I already have a server with cpanel and I have reserved another for your ssytem can I have a trial period thank you

We recommend you install Virtualmin GPL, and try it for as long as you like to find out if it works for you; it has all the features you would generally need to migrate from cPanel, including importing from cPanel backups.

If you then want the additional features and support provided by Virtualmin Pro (and help support ongoing development), you can purchase a license and use the Upgrade to Pro feature in the menu. It only takes a few minutes to upgrade a GPL system to Pro.

We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, if you’re unsatisfied. Just let us know if you want to cancel within 30 days by sending us a support PM and request a refund.


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