How can I connect to a VPN client?

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Virtualmin version 7.1

Hello, I come with a problem with my own dedicated server, I installed ubuntu 20.04 on it, with Virtualmin panel, and everything works perfectly, only the problem is that my internet provider has dynamic IP and each time the router restarts the IP changes, so I installed OpenVPN client on my server to which I connected with the data from NordVPN, I added the ports to the firewall in UFW only now, after I am connected and receive the new IP of at VPN, no port works, 53, 25, SSH, nothing, if I disconnect from VPN, everything returns to normal and the ports work. From what can it be, do I still have to set up something else, or can’t I use a VPN client?

OpenVPN has effectively nothing to do with Virtualmin. I’m not saying you can’t ask here, but we’re not really experts on VPNs, and Virtualmin doesn’t care how your network works (generally, as long as you tell it what IPs to use for virtual hosts and DNS records).

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Sofar i know you need the nordvpn guide for manually doing that, then udp and tcp are 2 different things to set and config for ports and also the settings config for nordvpn

I don’t use it that way so can’t help, but use ourself nordvpn on a E2 sat receiver. :wink:

here such configs little example so udp, tcp and ports you need to config.

proto tcp
remote herethe ip from north 443

proto udp
remote herethe ip from north 443

But a vpn client is not what you need i think, there are some dyndns services you can try

All depending on the use and outside access of the server.

  • DDNS. Dynamic DNS. Needed to associate FQDN with your changing external IP address
  • VPN: to create a virtual private network tunneled across public internet. To do so vpn client needs to connect to vpn server. To resolve that sever you need DDNS

@ADY hi

I wrote some bash which will send you instantly message to telegram or email when your servers ip will change. You then apply changes to ns1 and ns2 nameservers for main domain ( in a case you managing DNS on your virtual min ). I’m working on version two which would be automated however I’m quite busy with day job…you know IT. If you host your server somewhere like linode or Digi ocean install VPN there…the ip there will never change so you set the details once on your client mashine (yours) and you’re done. Btw this have nothing to do with virtual min and it should be classified as outside of scope paid support. Have nice day.

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