How can I add second ip address?

I have centOS running Virtualmin gpl.

I would like to put one of my sites on a different ip address.

I’ve got the address, but can’t figure out where I need to put it into virtualmin. I went to the virtualmin/domain/serverconfig/changeIP, but there is only one listed there and I can’t edit it.

I went to virtualmin/address&networking/sharedIPaddresses, and it says:

“allows you to enter others that can be used by multiple virtual servers”

but if I enter it there, virtualmin says:

“Failed to save shared IP addresses : ‘’ is not currently active on the system - use the Network Configuration module to enable it”

I looked at the module, have no idea what to do there. It doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult, and I going about it wrong?

Thanks for any assisstance,


Howdy Chris,
IIRC, you first need to add the interface to the system.
Set up, for example, eth2 if its dedicated NIC,
or eth2:0 etc. if you are adding a virtual interface.
Once that has been added to the system it should become available in V-min.
For the record, when I added my extra interface I used the
Webmin --> Networking --> Network Configuration panel for the above.
If there was an easier way, I wasn’t aware of it.

Howdy Chris,
I forgot the last “click” in the panel. If you are using a dedicated NIC,
Webmin --> Networking --> Network Configuration --> Add Interface
In the Add Interface panel fill in all the neccessary info.
If it’s a virtual interface then click on one of the existing interfaces(eth0, eth1, eth2 etc.)
to add the Virtual Interface.
Add the appropriate info, etc.
You should be on your way.


Another way to do that would be to setup this particular Virtual Server with it’s own non-sharable IP address.

To do that, select the domain name from the drop-down on the top-left, go into Edit Virtual server, click “IP address and interfaces”, and add your new IP address into where it says “Virtual interface”.


Thank you both very much.

I’m doing this for seo purposes. Needed a site on a different c block. Got that the ip from my host ok.

I can have it non-shared, that’s fine.

Should I use one or the other method so that it ‘looks’ like a seperate ip to the search engines? If I do the non-shared, should I put it in the ‘external’ ip box?

Thanks again for your help, there is much I don’t know about how ip’s work at this level,


Should I use one or the other method so that it ‘looks’ like a seperate ip to the search engines? If I do the non-shared, should I put it in the ‘external’ ip box?

Use the one Eric said it is the Easyest… and works just as well as the other way…


Yeah, the way to set a new or private IP address for a given Virtual Server has indeed changed since the above post was written.

That can now be done in Server Configuration -> Change IP address.


This is solution:

  • Choose the hardware option.

  • Choose network configuration.

  • Choose Interfaces Activated at Boot Time.

  • Choose eth0.

  • Choose add virtual interface.

  • Just fill in the Name, the IP address, Netmask and Broadcast.

  • Leave activate at boot checked “yes”.

  • Click save and apply…

At least it worked for me