How can i add email address to spam and deny list

I’m getting so many SPAM emails and all i did was to login to Usermin and report as Spam and Deny list

I’m not seeing any changes even after doing that. I keep getting emails from the same address. How can i manually add email address to Spam and Deny list in SpamAssassin Mail Filter

There are few options in SpamAssassin Mail Filter but i don’t know how to use this section.

Go to allowed and denied addresses. Under deny, list all the domains or addresses to always deny. Which will deny in and out to those address or domains.
Part of my list…

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@scotwnw I will add all the tld as per your eg. and hit save.

Will see if there is any results :slight_smile:

Thank you

That’s only a partial list of the problem ones I have collected over the years. Yours will be different. Mainly showed screenshot to show samples of where they go.

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Do i have to submit all at once or i can submit whenever i collect new set of IDs ?

Right now i have submitted more than 300 email ids and i’m collecting new ids so i can submit later

This isn’t submitting these email ids to anyone but the local spam filter. So add as many as you need any time. It only affects your local server.

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That’s fine as long as i can stop this spam. i can see changes in my inbox spam count drops :smiley:

Thank you so much @scotwnw

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