How can I add a service (status, start/stop restart) to the Status panel on the system information page.

The system information page is the link at the bottom of the left panel that says system information.

On that page there are several headers depending on your settings. If you set it to show you will see a status header and this header contains status information for various processes running on the server.

For example mine shows that the Apache Web Server is UP, and that I have the option to stop it or restart it. (See attached picture)

I want to add a service to this list with the option to start, stop or restart as well as view it’s status.

How do I do this.

I originally thought that if I navigated to Webmin -> Other -> System and Server

that I could add a Check Process monitor and then it would show up there, but it seems to not work this way. What do I need to do to add a new service here?

I posted an image when I first made the topic but for some reason it didn’t attach itself