Hostname and create a matching virtual server - What is the status

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
Webmin version 2.111
Usermin version 2.010
Virtualmin version 7.10.0
Theme version 21.10
Package updates 88 package updates are available

I know the the staff have been working on this and the changes will hopefully be seen in the next release of Virtualmin but I would like to confirm what changes have been made:

These questions relate to the new version of virtualmin:

  1. Can we manually create a virtual server using the hostname?
  2. has the option of Yes, and keep visible been removed from the setting Virtualmin --> System Settings --> Virtualmin Configuration --> Configuration category: SSL Settings --> Create host default domain with Let's Encrypt certificate
  3. has any other changes been made on these options?

These are not suggestions or prompts :smile:, I just need clarification to what was done as this is a hot topics at times.

see this thread for a recent discussion and more info.

In a nutshell, it all narrows down to how you are going to use Virtualmin.

Most people prefer to create a Virtualserver for their hostname for the “convenience” of having a Let’s Encrypt cert. that they can use for their server login and copied over to other services such as postfix and dovecot, etc… This eliminates the headaches that can exist from using a self-signed cert.

  1. If you are using only one Virtualmin installation on one server where you plan to host yourdomain.tld along with host.yourdomain.tld and need an SSL with a valid CA record for your hostname (for what ever reason)? Technically all you need to do is create the virtualserver for yourdomain.tld and go back to reissue a cert by adding host.yourdomain.tld to the list as long as you have an A record setup for the hostname.
    Choose yourdomain.tld to be the cert for all services.
    You can then log into Virtualmin/Webmin through host.yourdomain.tld with no issues.

  2. If you are using multiple servers where yourdomain.tld will not be hosted but you will have host2.yourdomain.tld and need an SSL with a valid CA record for your hostname (for what ever reason)? This is where Virtualmin will come in to help you create a virtualserver for your hostname.
    or you can create one manually in a couple different ways.

    a. Create a virtualserver for the hostname on a account plan that does not have email. Choose host2.yourdomain.tld to be the cert for all services.

    b. Manually create the virtualhost in your Apache Webserver and go to Webmin SSL and choose that virtualhost in the dropdown list for validation method. Tell Webmin to use this cert for all services.

Although I haven’t ever tried doing part 2.b others have claimed it works.

/end of nutshell