Hosting that does cloudmin?

I don’t have cloudmin setup yet, what vps hosting providers let you use cloudmin?


First off I don’t know many providers ATM who actually use Cloudmin as their tool of choice.

However, if you mean who will let you use it within their platform or where does it make sense to use it…

Cloudmin is a tool for deploying and managing VPSs, so the environment would be on a dedicated server (bare metal not virtual) not on a VPS itself.

Hope this helps, but feel free to ask more questions if you require further clarity. I’m also available for private consult, just PM me.

Chuck $10 in there and you can do a test

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$10 would only buy you a “virtual” (VPS) not a bare metal instance. Let’s make sure we’re providing accurate information.

That being said, Vultr does offer Bare Metal options, but they start at $120

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Vultr charge per hour, you can still test. Last Rocky test I did cost 3 or 4 cents. Yes not cheap, good for testing only for me.



Good clarification :slight_smile:

thank you for the info :melting_face:

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