HostGator cPanel for email with Virtualmin for hosting?

Good Day,
I am having problems finding the correct documentation to accomplish our goals.

  1. we have a HostGator server with 50gb of space
    1a) hostgator uses cPanel
    1b) I have created a cPanel API script to create new email accounts remotely during WHMCS account creation.
  2. I have my own hosting servers (no email servers) using Virtualmin outside of HostGator.
  3. We are using WHMCS with Virtualmin module. WHMCS is only attached to HostGator via our customer cPanel API for email creation. Not native WHMCS cPanel Module.

Upon account signup in our WHMCS we have scripting that makes the virtualmin server account and also makes the remote cPanel controlled email accounts.

Issue: I am a hosting user and I have only my existing email account which was auto generated and set up for me when I first signed up in WHMCS. Now I want to take my default email, and add several other email addresses via some kind of web interface. I wish to create for example:

Do I need to build an email creation/administration portal via cPanel API’s and attach it somehow with in Virtualmin or is there a way to enable my Virtualmin UI to directly control my cPanel email accounts?

Anyone know if I can perhaps disable all email control in Virtualmin and move email account creation/deletion to my WHMCS client portal?


It’s no problem to disable Virtualmin’s email feature. You can do that in System Settings -> Features and Plugins, and there you can disable the various email related features.

There isn’t a built-in way for Virtualmin to support managing email on other systems though.

You could look into doing that from within WHMCS.

Also, there’s an option in Virtualmin that allows you to run a script any time a Virtual Server is created… to do that, you can look in System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> Actions upon user and server creation, and there, you can set “Command to run after making changes to a server”.