Host Website Question

Hello Everyone, first time user/poster/caller/whatever :slight_smile:

I installed VirtualMin-GPL this afternoon and so far it’s working great. The problem I have is with the default website.

The domain is but when I attempt to create a Vhost for that domain, it tells me that it can’t because is the FQDN of the server.

The question I have is, how to create my default website (eg, the top website when people come to the site) if I can’t create the Vhost?


Yeah, there can be issues when the full FQDN of your server is the same as a Virtual Server name.

Typically, an FQDN is in the form “”, rather than just “”.

My suggestion in your case would be to change the FQDN of your server to include a hostname along with that domain name… something along the lines of “”.

At that point, the Virtual Server you’re looking to create wouldn’t conflict with your servers hostname.


Awesome. Thank you… Now I’m running into another problem. I’ve never had to downgrade anything in my life, but apparently awstats-6.95-1.el4.rf isn’t playing well with VirtualMin.

How to downgrade?


Well, typically, a fresh install with your distribution of choice, followed by running Virtualmin’s, will land you with a working awstats version.

Are you having trouble with the default awstats version, or is that from a third party repository?

If it’s not working, and you had downloaded awstats from a third party repo, you could always try manually downloading/installing awstats from the Virtualmin repo:

That did it. Had to rpm -e --nodeps awstats then rpm -i the new version and now VirtualMin is reading it


Hello, i have the same problem but kinda …well.??

my server ie. the computer host name is: richie-system.
registered domain is:

with all the ns1, and ns2 setup.

now working on a different CP but want to move to webmin/virtualmin.

The questions:

  1. do i have to setup the main details such as ns1,ns2, mx, ftp ect records using the webmin interface before setting up a virtual server on virtualmin? if so…

    then there will be naming conflit. ( i had that. please advice)

  2. Do have to just create the new virtual server with the said details only?
    i did that and it does not resolve. ( ) can not give details.
    And from the web browser … Mr. Apache refuses my permission to access .

  3. Can you please advice me which is which?. The procedure('s) on how to set up the default server under
    webmin/virtualmin as i am seriously in need of your help.

Thankz in advance.