Host multiple website/server under one webmin


I currently have 1 server where webmin is installed, and on that server I currently have ~10 websites running.

I would like to expand my setup by adding another server, where ~10 other websites will be hosted as well.

I want both servers to be managed by the same WebMin panel.

I would really appreciate if someone with experience led me to the right section in the documentation that explains how to do the above.

Thank you very much

Have you looked at Virtualmin?


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You’re asking about the wrong tool. Virtualmin is for managing websites, and of course it handles managing VirtualHosts (or the equivalent in nginx).

Webmin does have a GUI for Apache, but that’s almost certainly not what you’re looking for. If you don’t already know how to do it, Webmin is the wrong tool for the job (and even if you do, it’s probably still the wrong tool for the job). Webmin is a general purpose system administration tool. Virtualmin is for web hosting.

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