Host Headers

Hello All,

I have migrated our Virtualmin system from an old server to a new one. The migration went fine without any errors. However, I am seeing that all requests regardless to which domain it is going to always gets sent to the first domain (VPS) within Virtualmin.

For example, if I have a list of 100 domains/VPS in Virtualmin and the first domain on the drop down list is domain-1.tld but I go to the URL domain-50.tld, it always sends me to domain-1.tld. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I checked the DNS entries and they all look good. Is there an Apache setting I may have overlooked?



For troubleshooting that, a good place to start would be the section named “The Wrong Site Shows Up” at the following site:


Thank you very much for pointing this doc out. It solved my issue. I had a wildcard in my virtualhost for some sites while others had the IP. I don’t know how that happened but issued is now resolved.