I have been in the hosting and design business for years and wanted to colo my own server. I am currently running about 35 domains on a plesk server with iPowerWeb. I have purchased your virtualmin product and set it up on a test machine here at home and so far it has been a fairly easy process. I have a couple of questions though:

  1. I was trying to install Horde for the first test domain that I created and the install process says

"This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements : The PHP Pear module Log is required by Horde, but not installed"

I have centOS on which I did "minimal" install and then install virtualmin. What do I need to do to get a Horde install working.

  1. I would really rather run php 5 and mysql 5. Are there any "gotchas" I need to worry about and what should be my upgrade process if this is ok to do ?

Thanks much.

Aaron Smusz

Nevermind Joe –

I installed the pear log, then php-domxml, then another pear module and now the script is installing ok

sorry about the question last night … just to tired to figure out where to find the answers.

Great product so far … I am really excited about using it!

Hey Aaron,

I’m glad to hear you got it worked out on your own (I was traveling pretty much fulltime for the past two days, so I wasn’t responding to much).

For what it’s worth, we have a Pear module for Webmin that will soon automate this stuff, in the same way that it can currently handle missing Perl modules for Webmin modules and packages from yum or apt-get. It’ll be pretty slick. The primary remaining issue is getting it to be aware of multiple PHP instances (PHP4 and PHP5, which we’re adding to the platform repositories over the next couple of weeks). So, in the future, when you try to install a script and it says “X PHP module is missing” it’ll also say “Webmin can install this module for you using Pear, would you like to install it now?”