Horde installation problem

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to install Horde on one of my v-servers, but I’m running into some issues. When installing it i’m running into the following problem.

If anyone can assist, please.

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Hey @windblade89, what does your Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> Website Option look like?

It appears that PHP 7.2 is the selected version of PHP for the virtual server on which you are attempting to install Horde and Pear for PHP 7.2 is not installed. You could install Horde by changing the selected version of PHP via Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> PHP Versions to another which does have Pear.

As far as I can tell I’ve enabled it but still giving an issue


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Hmm. On the basis of this screenshot, I would have to agree with you. This is most curious.

Have you restarted Apache after? Have you run Virtualmin -> System Configuration -> Re-check Configuration?

Yea I did restart the server even, but still the same error. Feels like I’m missing something somewhere.

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Since I’m not managing to get horde working is there any other software you guys can recommend to manage clients Calender. The default dovecot IMAP doesn’t sync Calendar entries.

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Perhaps you should start a new topic about this. The present topic is about horde installation.

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