Horde Groupware Webmail Edition


I want to run this package on my server. One of the requirements is “A web server with PATH_INFO support”. Is it possible to turn on globalality this function for the entire server, or I need to do it for each virtual server, if for each server, how can I automate that was added when I’m create a new virtual server. I have Virtualmin GPL



Just as a mention, the Pro version of Virtualmin actually has an installer for the various Horde components to make installation and future upgrades nice and easy.

However, it shouldn’t be a problem getting Horde working on the GPL version either.

Apache supports PATH_INFO, though not necessarily by default.

Looking at the AcceptPathInfo Directive mentioned here:


If PATH_INFO isn’t already enabled, you can use that to enable it (whether for all of Apache, or per-Virtual Server).