Horde fails to install correctly

OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16 Pro
Related products version: RECOMMENDED

I have installed the necessary PHP Pear modules for Horde to install, however when I go to install the script for Horde I receive the following error message.

Here is a screen shot of the modules showing installed and stable:

The settings page for the Horde Script Installation page:

Here is the error I receive after running the Horde installation script:

But if you look to the first image it appears PHP Pear modules are installed and functioning correctly; as far as I can tell.

I rebooted the Apache server and also rebooted the entire server twice without any resolution.

What am I missing with regards to the PHP Pear module error message when installing the Horde installation script?

Thank you in advance

According to that screen shot Horde installed and is operational. That link is where you access it. The error was of no consequence according to what that screen shot says.

The error I see is

The PHP Pear modules Log Mail-1.1.14 Mail_Mime DB are required, but Pear for PHP version 7,4 is not installed - proceeding anyway.

After Horde completes the installation the URL http://libertysystemsinc.com/horde/ has an ERROR 500 page.

It does say you have to go to the administration section to do additional configuration.

Have you tried: link removed

Yes but I am receiving a blank page. No HTTP 500 error like the /horde/.

Odd. I’ll edit that link to get rid of it. There’s got to be something simple we’re missing.

I completely agree. Has to be something I overlooked.

https://www.libertysystemsinc.com/horde/ gives the HTTP 500 error


https://www.libertysystemsinc.com/horde/admin/ just has a blank page.

Something else I notice: your site bounces back and forth between secured and insecure. Your first link is not secure. I have to manually enter https to get it to a secure side but once I click something else it goes back to unsecured site.

Not sure that would have anything to do with it or not, but it is a bit odd.

I would read through this to see if you find anything: Documentation - IMP - The Horde Project

Yes it seems the customer never enabled force SSL with their WordPress site. But now they want the Kronolith calendar installed. Unfortunately installing it via the Scripts page isnt going so well.

I will read the documentation and attempt to install it manually and let you know how it goes.

Thank you again,

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