Horde 3.3.13...this is 2012. This is very old version?

The latest version of horde is 5.2.20 Sept 2018.

If one installed the Virtualmin version, could it even be updated to latest?


Horde is a bit of a, well, problem child… on modern distros that Install Script generally doesn’t even install, and Horde certainly doesn’t run.

We used to love that app as an Install Script… but beginning at Horde 4.x, they changed the way the installation worked in a way that made it incompatible with Virtualmin, and installing in a per-directory basis.

At that point, we could no longer include that version as an Install Script.

We’ve long been considering removing it entirely, though at the moment the old version remains there for historical purposes.

Our current recommendation for installing Horde though is to do so manually.


Ah ok.

I setup a second virtualmin vps with gpl.

I also tried installing it from apt…it installed over 200 dependencies and said installed successfully.

Trouble is, I can’t find it in webmin?


Yeah apps installed outside of Webmin/Virtualmin wouldn’t be available to manage within Webmin/Virtualmin.

That is, if you install an app as an Install Script, you can see it within Virtualmin. But if it’s installed manually, you’d need to manage it manually as well.


Horde is here out!

If You need webmail use usermin. (this is best supported for sofar i know webmin/virtualmin)

Or with some difficulties to find updated howto’s for virtualmin/ webmin roundcube.

You could try to ask the rainloop programmers to … :wink:

ONly pointing you and readers to know, that if needed support , stay within … , if you can / have external support for APPS of know yourself you can go and try out…

If no ( or less) knowledge , you’r are in dangerous zone by using no supported apps themselves, for all when production case for custommers.

OUT of the box virtualmin / webmin could work , but some things (DOCS…) to old is my experience , so you have to do some work.

VERY IMPORTANT TO, take in mind if using extra APPS / software for webmail you have to take care for extra security updates to

All did have some …BUGS before .

I was just so looking forward to the idea of providing a client with the Horde Groupware suite…

“Users can manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, files, and bookmarks with the standards compliant components from the Horde Project”

Ok sorry

Wouldn’t it be nice if Usermin had a mobile phone app?

There’s a business idea for you? :wink:

@dibs yup and you doing the Support for him? :wink:

ROFL - I can barely use mobile apps at times, let alone anything more. :wink: