Home Server will not work (connection problems maybe?)


Ive just set up my home server running virtualmin imported my old backup and all is well the check tell’s me everything is fine.

But when I go to

or even

I get error 522 (From cloudflare which means https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200171906-Error-522)

My router is all set to allow the vmware server

I’m out of ideas and hoping someone can help



What happens when trying to remotely connect to port 80 on your server? If your server is behind a NAT router, is port 80 being forwarded to your server?


Well when I go to on my server (That ip is the Vmware server) it shows the apache “it works” screen Eric

Fixed it Eric was a problem with VMware’s network. Sorry about that and thanks for the help.

Eric got a new problem now. I did the restore with zero errors but if you look here http://craftybluefox.com/

I just get the “it works” page showing and not the site.

Abit more of info here when I go to preview the site I get this “Connections to IP addresses not on this system are not allowed :” ?


Receiving the “It Works” page may be a sign of an IP address mismatch within your Apache config.

Take a peek at the section “The Wrong Site Shows Up” in the following documentation, and see if this helps to resolve your issue:


Yes ive been reading that page but found nothing which was wrong. I’m of to reinstall the whole lot so back in abit :slight_smile: