Home Grown Hosting: Unraid + Virtualmin + Nextcloud

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.4
Virtualmin version 7.1-7

So i know i lot of people will have concerns with my endeavors. I like to learn through practice.

But i hope to one day have a thriving side business providing IT services to my local area. of those services, i want to provide them hosting (virtualmin checks that off). this is all live testing i guess really…but My main business site works fine. if you go to the public IP address it will have a modified version of my main site asking them to go to the main site for services…bla bla bla

The other thing i want to be able to provide is Nextcloud storage. I have done it before via Unraid docker container and Nginx Proxy manager. but Virtualmin(internal IP i think is just a bigger beast than i thought. i think the ability is in there to do what i need…

Basically. i will have a link on the business site that will bring people to the docker container(internal IP that lives in unraid (internal IP

Where would i go in Virtualmin to ensure that is set? I have the port forwarded for the Docker container. I can access it internally, but i just need to access it externally now i guess.

Hi, have look at proxy on that domain which you want to use as access. It is under virtualmin select domain and I don’t remember now but somewhere in settings on left left you looking for proxy settings. Just type link with port to that IP and it should work

So i found under Virtualmin>domain drop down>server configuration>edit proxy website

But that looks as though it is for the whole domain. I guess what i forgot to include in the original post, is that link to that Nextcloud docker, i want to be cloud.example.com and it link to the container. i dont have a Virtualmin server for cloud.example.com, i just have a server for example.com

Well say the domain name and what you have… create sub domain as subserver to it whatever.domain.com and go to that whatever subserver and there you edit proxy like http://IP:port.

Are you confident now?

Are you confident now?

Well not with responses like this. I am probably just going to pay for a pro license and have the Nextcloud script available to me

You’re IT… anyway I think this is mutual, I’m done with helping you out, as you working in IT industry, you would / should know answers and be confident to troubleshoot them out… Its not about software using the first time, it’s about common sense. Thank you for your time. Bey

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