Historical performance statistic

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

Hi guys

Is there a way to see a historical performance statistic of the machine-like CPU and memory usage
as logs or top processes snapshots?

I have found this one - Webminstats. But it is a 3d party module… so maybe there is an internal solution…

atop would be a good place to start.


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Oh thank you
it looks like a really lite solution

My pleasure.


Default theme has history stats displayed on the Dashboard, and gather stats in background, if the tab/browser window is currently active:

The period can be configured on theme configuration page.

Could you make it a bit more clear for me? I know that the history stats is displayed on the Dashboard but if I wanna know what process used 90% of CPU 2 hours ago - what should I do to get this?

Ohh, okay, if that was your initial intention, then you need to use some other approach.

Virtualmin Pro has historic system statistics going back years, but they do no provide per-process information. So, we don’t have an answer built-in for this.

Thank you
Where could i find it?

Virtualmin > System Statistics (bottom of the column).


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