High Memory usage

Hello, i have just bought a VPS with webmin/virtualmin installed. My server is set at 512 MB ram, and i’m planning to host just a couple wordpress sites.

my problem is that ou of the box 466MB of the memory are used already. What can i do to reduce the memory used?

I attach you a screenshot with all the proscesses that are running.

Thanks a lot




Yeah, you’d want to go through and disable any services you don’t need.

For example, in your output, all those Python processes are for Mailman – and not everyone requires that. If you don’t intend on using Mailman, you can disable it.

There’s some tips on reducing memory usage here:


If you have OpenVZ then 512MB is very low (for an Apache webserver), since it doesn’t have a swap file. and all virtual memory is counted (towards the memory limit). You could experiment with ulimit -s though.