Hiding original IP in MX records with Cloudflare DNS

OS type and version Ubuntu
Virtualmin version 6.7

Hi, I want to know if we can fix the issue. If I create a server only for emails and buy the pro plan to add cloudflare DNS. Will I be able to hide/fix cloudflare exposing my original IP because of the MX record?

Are there any alternative ways I can hide my original server IP from being exposed due to the MX record?

PS. No I don’t want to use third-party services and want to keep my own server.

Not possible, CF doesn’t proxy port 25. In their documentation this is mentioned as well, that mail hostnames cannot be proxied.

without an MX record you’ll be treated as spam. so no.
use other email relay if you don’t want your MX ip to show.

ps. why hide when cloudflare already knows everything about you?
never really understood why people like to think they stay private, by using cloudflare… (?!) you’ve already handed them your SSL private keys, your DNS, why not your MX ip?

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