Hide Manage Folders and Dashboard Account Information in Usermin Webmail

For increasing the security, I do not want our users / employees to see the virtualmin user name and OS name when logging in to usermin webmail. So,

  1. Can we hide or disable Manage Folders menu
  2. Can we hide Operating System name from Dashboard or completely disable Dashboard

Operating system CentOS Linux 8.2.2004
Usermin Version 1.823
Authentic theme version 19.73

@John_Arthur hi, that’s kind of pointless… just keep your system up to date and keep security standards and you’re fine. I shall remind you that any webpage have source code viewable and so servers headers etc plust there are tons of chrome Firefox and Chromium add-ons which will not only tell you os and it’s version but also PHP version, kind of webserver and it’s version etc, you got the picture.

Partly true about OS name. But we shouldn’t (ideally) expose our virtualmin username (which is visible in Manage Folders).

I don’t get it. It’s their username. They’re only going to see what they are entitled to see via permissions. What are they going to gain access to with their username that they couldn’t already gain access to?

And the OS as Unborn mentioned is going to be detectable pretty much no matter what you do.

If we go to “Manage Folders”, we can see Folder Location.
Eg: /home/virtualminusername/homes/john/Maildir

I am bothered about exposing “virtualminusername” and not “john”

Your username is listed on the left panel when you log in. Seeing it in the path to folders doesn’t make one bit of difference. What’s more, it’s the users username. That is already known to the user so what harm can it possibly do?

I still don’t get it.

/home/virtualminusername/homes/john/Maildir – Here “virtualminusername” is not the user’s username. It is the virtualmin’s user name under which all the website files are stored.

User’s username is john. That is shown in the left panel. It is not an issue.

I still don’t get it. This is the manage folders screen on Usermin for a test user with my name I set up.

What exactly are you talking about?

Oh… Then there is something i need to do in my setup. Attaching screenshot

well there is easy option for that, let users using the email client like thunderbird, outlook,roundcube or rainloop…no?

Your screenshot indicates Usermin is configured to use Maildir files directly, instead of using IMAP to fetch them. I don’t think that’s the default, but maybe it got changed somewhere along the way (though I can’t imagine why, IMAP is a better choice for most users).

You can change it in Webmin->Usermin Configuration->Usermin Module Configuration->Read Mail->Mail storage format for Inbox. Set it to Remote IMAP Server.

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Thanks All for helping me fix this.
As @Joe pointed out, changing to Remote IMAP Server solved the issue.
The correct path for me is Webmin->Usermin Configuration->Read Mail->Mail storage format for Inbox

Er, right, thanks for pointing out the missing module in my path above. Fixed.

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