Help with Virtualmin :(. New to it and I cannot find some features.

Where do I go to restart Apache in Virtualmin/Webmin? Also how can I enable mod_rewrite for my sites? It is attached as a module in the Apache config but when I try to upload a htaccess file that was working perfect on another server under cPanel it doesn’t work. Someone please help :(. I am having a hell of a time moving my sites to a Virtualmin server :(.


When you log into Virtualmin, click System Information, and look for the section labeled “Status”. Click “Status”, and you’ll see a list of daemons that are running. Next to any of them, you can click the “Restart” icon.

I suspect mod_rewrite may already be enabled… to figure out what’s wrong with your .htaccess file, you may want to take a peek in the error_log – that’s located in $HOME/logs/error_log.