Help with running NS


I never intended to run my own nameserver, but, since I cant change TTL on my VPS hosting, and in current situation I need to lower it, I decided to host it my self.
I guess it would be a shame not to, since virtualmin is so easy to use.
But, in order to do that I have couple of questions.

  1. Looking at DNS options >
    SPF record enabled
    under allow sender hostnames my domain is listed
    under Allowed sender IP addresses my public ip is listed
    Action for other senders neutral

is that ok?

  1. DNS Records
    SOA - Start Of Domain SOA - Start Of Domain 1379707190 10800 3600 6048 … NS - Name Server NS - Name Server

I am familiar with the other records, its just that I dont know what has to be there in order to run Nameserver on my own server, i am not sure about SOA record, and I dont know if ns of my host should be under NS.


SPF record sounds okay to me.

The SOA record (meaning Start of Authority) usually has this format:

@ IN SOA primarynameserver.domain.tld. contactemail. ( N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 )

“primarynameserver” is the hostname of your primary nameserver. “contactemail” is the email address, with @ replaced with a “.” (dot). The numbers are: N1: serial number which is usually in the format YYYYMMDDNN (Year Month Day Number, the latter being a number starting at 0 and increased upon each change). N2 refresh time, N3 transfer retry time, N4 expiry time, N5 negative cache time.

You can look up the precise meaning of N1 to N5 in the BIND documentation.

As NS records you need to list the FQDN with trailing dots for all your nameservers.