Help with migration and general support

Hi there,

I need someone knowledgeable to assist with migrating a couple of websites to a new server (on which I have already installed webmin). I also have some general queries about a few options - nothing complicated.

Can anyone spend some time to assist with this for a fair price?

Thank you


You’ll likely receive some responses here shortly.

I just wanted to mention that if you had any specific questions regarding a migration, you’re also welcome to ask those in the standard Forums, as well as in IRC (Freenode, on the #virtualmin channel).

Lastly, you can see migration documentation here:


I will do that too if I don’t get any replies!
I’m a little inexperienced so I need some one to one I think…

Are you migrating from cpanel or a manually created accounts ? There are import tools built into VM that can help with the major hosting panels.

Hi it’s a migration from one VPS provider (webmin) to my new VPS provider (webmin).
Does that answer your question?

No virtualmin either ?


both new and old servers have virtualmin.
Of course the new one has no entries in it yet.


Oh that’s a easy move then – how many domains ?

hello ?

There’s really only one primary domain that I need.
There are a couple or secondary ones but they’re not urgent and if you show me how to do the first one I can attempt the others.

Same thing goes for the email addresses - I can attempt the others once I get one working properly.

I also have some general questions, but nothing complicated.


just do a backup and restore under scheduled backs in the left menu